Vacation Guide


Organization is the key to enjoying your stay at Lake Okeechobee Resort. Plan your entire holiday at the start using a vacation planner. Try to avoid two busy days in a row or a late night followed by a busy day.


Hats and sunglasses are a must on sunny days, for adults as well as children. Also, remember to take suntan lotion and cover up, as you can burn easily just walking around, even on cloudy days. Plastic ponchos are recommended for summer afternoon showers.

Staying Safe

Please remember this is a full on water front facility. Please keep an eye on children at all times. Please be aware that large allligators are regular visitors to this resort and must be taken seriously as highly dangerous predators. It is against the law to feed ANY of the wildlife, but especially the alligators which carries a large fine and jail time.

There is no swimming in the lake from this facility. Why would you when we have a very nice pool.

Respect driving speeds through the resort.

Exercise caution when walking the pontoons in the marina, especially on windy days.

If walking near to fishermen please watch out for casting hooks and for any dangers on the ground.

Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times unless in the dog park. Please pick up any mess created by your animals.

All mariners make sure you have adequate safety and life saving equipment. Make sure you carry a phone or ship to shore radio and can signal for help.

If making a fire on the shore, make sure that you control it and always maintain the means to extinguish it if needed. No liquid or gel lights of any kind may be used. Only solid fuel lighters are permitted.

Driving Tips

It is the law in America to carry your driver’s license at all times. You must also carry all rental papers and insurance information.

Petrol stations are gas stations in the United States. Most cars use unleaded petrol. Check before refueling.

Take care to adhere to the posted speed limits as the police are very strict and use radar to trap speedsters. Speed limits range from 15 mph in school zones up to 70 mph on the motorway (freeway). Speeding fines are stiff and are doubled in construction zones. You must pay your fine before you return home. If you fail to pay an arrest warrant will be issued and should you be stopped on your next trip you will be arrested.

School Busses: On a two way street, cars travelling in both directions must stop for a stationary school bus with flashing red lights. Remain stopped until the bus moves off. This does not apply if you are driving in the opposite direction to the bus on a duel carriageway, but to pass a bus there MUST be a “5ft wide physical barrier” in the middle of the road. IF IN DOUBT DO NOT PASS. If you are driving in the same direction as the bus, you must always stop.

Children aged 3 and under must be in a car seat, 4 and 5 year olds in a car seat or seat belt and front seat passengers must always wear a seat belt. The driver will be held responsible if these rules are not adhered to.

You may turn right on red at traffic lights unless otherwise stated. When you see a STOP sign you must come to a complete stop and look both ways before proceeding.

You are required by law to have your lights on when it is raining or foggy and from sunset to sunrise.

Drinking and driving laws are stricter in America than in the U.K. It is against the law to have an open container of alcohol in your car and the police can and will arrest you for that offense. A police officer in the State of Florida can arrest you on suspicion of intoxication.

Lane discipline is very relaxed. Although slow traffic should keep to the right, speed bears little relation to lane. Overtaking on the inside is common practice, so watch out for cars on either side.

Do not use the courtesy you use in the U.K., such as waving somebody on. It is against the law and can cause accidents. American drivers will not allow you to cut in. The rule of thumb when driving is to stay in lane and always indicate when changing lanes. Do not cut out of a left turn only lane.

Street signs are small and suspended on wires. The street sign facing you at a junction is the name of the road you are crossing, not the one you are on.



There are numerous restaurants in the vicinity, which cater for a wide variety of tastes and cultures. The concept of “all you can eat!” was invented here. Portions are much bigger than in most countries and meals are surprisingly inexpensive. Whenever you eat, don’t be surprised if your waiter offers to “box” the food you couldn’t finish. Doggy bags or boxes are the norm.

Check out restaurant specials and make your holiday budget go even further. Some restaurants offer senior specials for the over 55’s and the others offer kids eat free with paying adults. If you dine between 4:00 and 6:00 pm, you may be able to get the early bird specials.